RULESVERSION 2018 rev.04

Rules are subject to change before the start of the race.


  1. Overview

1.1 The Ironfly 2018 is an adventure and paragliding competition for selected international athletes.

1.2 The task is to reach the turnpoints defined by the Technical Committee and to arrive at the goal as quickly as possible travelling only by paraglider or by foot.

1.3 The ranking is defined by the time of arrival at Goal or by the total in line distance covered by the pilots.

1.4 All decisions regarding the organization and running of the Ironfly 2018 are made by the Technical Committee and by the Race Committee:

Technical Committee (Athletes selections and turnpoints selection)

  • Alessandro Pandolfi
  • Filippo Gallizia
  • Roberto Alberti
  • Race Committee:
  • Leone Antonio Pascale (Race Director)
  • Vittorio Rena (Deputy race director)
  • Martina Troni (Event Director)

Any questions or queries for the Technical and the Race Committee before the race start must be addressed to


  1. Conditions for Participation

2.1 Only pilots selected by the Ironfly 2018 Technical Committee, and approved by the Race Committee between the pre-registered ones, are allowed to take part at the Ironfly 2018.

2.2 All pilots must be followed at least by one supporter. Single registration is not allowed.

The supporter cannot be replaced during the race or quit unless due to sickness, injury or exceptional circumstances. In this event, the Race Committee must be informed. The Race Committee must approve any change of supporters beforehand.

2.3 All pilots must be highly qualified and experienced in paragliding and mountaineering to participate in the event.

2.4 Only pilots with a valid official paragliding license may take part.

2.5 Every pilot during the race must have a third party liability insurance, by the sum of at least 1.5 million Euros, as well as accident and rescue insurance which will have to cover costs such as medical treatment, hospital use and emergency rescue, including helicopter rescue anywhere along the race.

(NOTE: Many mountain sport policies EXCLUDE competition.)


2.6 The race organization will provide a separate disclaimer that outlines the mandatory services to be signed and confirmed by athletes.


2.7 Every pilot must sign a disclaimer that will be provided by the organization committee.

2.8 Each pilot has to present a sport medical certificate including an exercise electrocardiogram with blood pressure, pulse measurement and a medical report certifying the his or her ability to take part in a long-distance endurance race. The certificate must not be older than six months.

2.9 Teams must be self-sufficient during the competition, from food provisioning to every other need they have, except for the materials and support provided by the organization for the race.


  1. Selection

3.1 The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 50 pilots; however, that number could be modified by the Race Committee

3.2 The Race Committee determines the selection of athletes.

  1. Race-Schedule

4.1 May 11, 2018 at 3 P.M. pilot registration, Race briefing and interviews with the teams.

4.2 May 12, 2018 at 10:00 A.M. Race start

4.3 May 19, 2018 04.00 P.M. Race finish.

4.4 All pilots are expected to attend the prize-giving ceremony and party, which will take place on May 19 at 8 PM .

4.5 The race can only be cancelled by the Race Committee.


  1. General Conditions

5.1 During the race, the athlete must fly their solo paraglider or hike without any form of physical assistance, whilst carrying the mandatory equipment. Any other transportation assistance, including any kind of motorized flying vehicles, from any third parties is strictly prohibited.

5.2 The pilot have to make an uninterrupted rest stop from 08:00 P.M. until 07:00 A.M. (except for the day with the optional extended time).  Every day pilots must restart from the point they ended the day before with a max tolerance of 200 mt. During the rest the pilot can spend the night everywhere.

5.3 The Athlete is responsible that the Live Tracker provided by the Race Organization, is always properly maintained and switched on. It can be switched off during the rest period from 08:00 P.M. to 07.00 A.M.. Switching off the live tracking device while racing will be highly penalized up to disqualification.

All athletes are allowed to extend the daily duration of the competition until midnight only once in the race. The race Committee must be informed about the “extended time of 4 hours” no later than 12 A.M. of the same day. The SMS requested by point 5.7 must be sent before 01.00 A.M.

5.4 The supporter can use any means of transportation apart from any kind of motorized flying vehicles. Team vehicles have to be branded with official Ironfly 2018 stickers provided by the organization.

5.5 Climbing sections on rock or glaciers or extreme alpine conditions are not allowed.

5.6 The supporter must be available 24/24 to the organization team and for media requests for the entire race. If needed she/he has to travel towards the organization for collections or help with other handovers.

5.7 Mandatory communications and availability.

Every day before 22:00 team must send SMS with the pilot Name confirming that everything is ok.

5.8 In case of accident or serious health problem of the pilot, supporters must as soon as possible advice the Race Committee.

5.9 Each pilot must be prepared for spot checks by the Race Committee during the race. These spot checks will inspect the pilot’s equipment and their method of transportation or movement.

5.10 Any athlete can quit the race at any time, after informing the Race Committee.

5.11 The Race Committee has the right to change any rules before the race.

5.12 Athletes who fail to comply with any of these regulations will be subject to a penalty, as assessed by and at the discretion of the Race Committee. Penalties shall range from a minimum of 1 hour and no maximum, with disqualification being an option. Penalties are subject to a final decision by the Race Committee.

Main penalties:

  • Airspace violation: 4 – 12 hours stop
  • Mandatory Equipment (7.3) : 8 hours stop
  • VFR Rules (6.2): 4 hours stop
  • crossing tunnels that connect two valleys: 2 – 8 hours
  • dual carriage highways without sidewalk: 2 – 4 hours

5.13 Athletes with penalty times have to prolong their next rest by the duration of their penalty time. In case the athlete reaches the goal before their next rest time, the outstanding penalty time will be added to his overall time.

If an Athlete receives a time penalty, which is longer than the remaining race duration, then the athlete will be ranked according to his location backtracked by the remaining penalty time.

5.14 The Race Committee reserves the right to give penalties and disqualify an athlete who acts irresponsibly towards their own safety, towards others or towards the sport, the event organization or related sponsors.

The Race Committee have the authority to stop an athlete in a medical situation and call a timeout from continuing further until the situation can be assessed and a final decision made by the Race Committee.

5.15  In addition to the official rules of Ironfly 2018, any athlete in violation of  local, regional or national laws and regulations as defined by national parks, local authorities or government organizations, are to be held solely responsible. Those who do not abide to the relevant regulations will be personally liable for any fines, punishments, or repercussions of any form, which may result from their actions.

5.16 In case of accident, any help given by a pilot will be highly appreciated. The eventual time spent in the rescue will be credited by the Race Committee by according an extra distance based on the average distance covered by all pilots the same day. The time spent by the helper will be evaluated by the race Committee.

5.17 The pilot must fly in aerological conditions adapted to its level of pilotage and his fatigue. He’s responsible for his choices, and undertakes not to expose himself physically.

5.18 All teams must show willingness and respect towards the media, trying to facilitate their work as much as possible, for the sake of the race’s promotion.

5.19 Every team must upload daily updates on the official Facebook  Page of the Race. They can do it by video, photos, sms, voice recording, etc.


  1. Flight Rules

6.1 Athletes are not allowed to fly between 20:00 and 07:00.

6.2 All athletes are obliged to respect VFR (Visual Flight Rules) regulations. Any athlete violating VFR rules takes full responsibility for the legal consequences.

6.3 All athletes are also obliged to respect forbidden zones defined by the Ironfly 2018 organization. An athlete’s altitude is verified by the GPS height recorded by live tracking. If possible a backup track (IGC) is used to verify a violation and then this GPS height will be used as evidence.

The route flown will be tracked by the GPS logger. The exact notification of the forbidden zones will take place at the briefing before the race start.


  1. Equipment

7.1 The Ironfly 2018 is a paragliding cross country event, therefore the use of paragliders with 16m² (laid out surface) or less, or of a surface loading exceeding 6kg/m², (so called speedgliders) are prohibited.

7.2  All flying equipment has to be certified and fulfill the latest edition of the following certification standards:

Paraglider: EN 926-2 and 926-1 or LTF 91/09

Harness: EN 1651 with certified protection or LTF 91/09

Rescue system: EN 12491 or LTF 91/09

Helmet: EN 966, EN1077

7.3 The athlete must always carry or fly with their mandatory equipment. Spot checks can be carried out at any time by the Race Committee. The Ironfly 2018 mandatory equipment, to be supplied by the athlete, consists of:

  • paraglider
  • harness including a protector
  • emergency parachute
  • helmet
  • Live Tracker provided by the Race Organisation
  • mobile smartphone

For flights over wide water areas a life jacket is recommended.

7.4 No item on the Ironfly 2018 mandatory equipment list can be exchanged during the race. The only exception is if the equipment is damaged or stolen, in which case the Race Committee must be informed immediately.

Switching to the back-up glider, or switching back to the main glider must first be confirmed by the Race Committee.

7.5 All pilots must have their equipment, including rescue systems, checked and approved by the Race Director before the race start. Overloading of the paragliders and of the rescue systems is not allowed (takeoff weight has to be within the certified maximum loading of the used paragliders and rescue system).


  1. Route

8.1 Each pilot must pass the official turnpoints in the listed order as described in rule

8.2  Turnpoints are:

  • Start: Lecco
  • TP1: Macugnaga
  • TP2: Bormio
  • TP3: Presolana
  • Finish: Suello (official landing area of Scurbatt club).

More details regarding exact coordinates and radius of the turnpoint, will be provided by the Race Committee during the briefing.

8.3 The athlete is not permitted to use any tunnel connection between different valleys and any highway or dual carriageway without pedestrian sidewalk.


  1. Route Documentation

9.1 The GPS tracking device sends information to the website, where the athlete’s current position will be displayed. The online data serves as a route confirmation for the athletes and the Race Committee.

9.2 The Race Committee reserves the right to inspect any pilot’s backup track log.

9.3 The Race Committee understands “a complete and clean track log” as follows:

  • Each time the track log is started anew, the athlete must be within 200m of his last recorded position.
  • The track log must not have missing track points for more than 5 minutes.
  • On the ground, a speed of more than 5 m/s must not appear for more than 10 minutes.
  • In flight, a speed of more than 20 m/s must not appear for more than 20 minutes.
  • The flight track log has to show that no airspace violations were made. If log points close to forbidden zones are missing and airspace violation is suspected, the backup track log must clearly show that airspace was not violated.

The red line shows a track log with an airspace violation. Even if there are no log points (black dots) in the forbidden zone, the log clearly shows that the athlete passed through a forbidden zone.

The green line shows a track log that reveals that no forbidden zone was infringed.

All GPS backups must be running on MAP DATUM: WGS 84.


  1. Route Evaluation

10.1 Every Athlete must be able to present a complete track log.

10.2 The routes will be evaluated on a daily basis. The Race Committee will analyze each athlete’s route every day, based on the online track log. In case a track log is found to have infringed any of the Ironfly 2018 rules, the athlete has to deliver his backup track log within 24 hours of the Race Committee’s request.

10.2 The routes will be evaluated on a daily basis. The Race Committee will analyse each athlete’s route every day, based on the online track log. If a track log is found to have infringed any of the Ironfly 2018 rules, the athlete must hand in his backup track log within 24 hours of the Race Committee’s request.