Hike&Fly isn’t a recognized competition so far, but the races started to grow coming from the passion for paragliding.
Paragliding pilots love to fly but in particular they love the sensation of freedom that comes from the possibility to wear a backpack and to go everywhere, often it is a mountain, to arrive to thepeak, to find a good field located upwind and to take off like a bird.
Hiking and flying. Try to imagine to do this for following days, where you would arrive?
How far you can go counting just on your own strength and the power of the nature?
This is the questions that first athletes did starting this kind of competitions.


Hike&Fly athletes have a very various preparation. They start their training from 4/5 months before to one year and it’s composed by: running, hiking, climbing, cycling, swimming but moreover an important flying experience with the habit to it frequently.

Equipment selection

The flying equipment selection is really accurate. Every small thing counts from the harness and wing grams, from the flying instruments that becomes integrated with the smartphone to save weight to the shoes, the sweatshirt to even the cap.


The support team is fundamental. They have not only the assignment to follow the athlete in the closest way possible in order to provide to every necessity, but also the purpose to give him suggestions on the best itinerary, the more efficient line of flying and the weather evaluation. Part of the success in a race like this, is made by the perfect synergy between an athlete and his team.


An Hike&Fly race is strictly connected to the nature. Is important to consider the path conditions: if it’s wet or there is snow, the presence of rivers that cut off; and the weather conditions: the difficulty to fly under the rain, the danger to be in the air if a storm comes, the impossibility to fly with strong wind. The chance to have a weak of good weather and nice wind is fundamental.

Everyone can be part of the team

Even if you are not athletes and you don’t like paragliding maybe one day you will meet up a guy who runs on the street with a big backpack on his arms. It this happens follow him for a while, keep him company, support him and give some water: you will contribute to the team’s success!